17 November 2011

"2011 HighLights"

2nd Part

Hello again!, Friends and Fashion’s colleagues
In this second article we will focus on the Prêt à Porter exhibition in Dusseldorf. This fair, now called CPD Signatures, is in my opinion one of the most important fairs in this sector in Europe.

It is well known, that could not keep the apotheosis size (in square meters of exhibition) in times of greatest splendor of fashion in Germany and across Europe. Let us not forget that in the same way, this has occurred in all major European capital of Fashion. Like Madrid, Paris, Milan, etc..

But Düsseldorf still remains the representative of the fashion in this continent and inevitable meeting point for sales. All thanks to the efforts and work of a company IGEDO and a team of professionals able to offer many services and facilities.

But let's get to the data.

The show ran from 6 to 8 February in Halls 13.14 and 15-Düsseldorf Messe. It brought together a number of nearly 450 exhibitors, divided on different concepts, from youngest to the Superior fashion and without forgetting accessories.

Received in three days the number of 15,600 visitors, 33% came from abroad. Neighboring countries, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and even from other continents such as Australia and Canada.

The catwalk area offered a total of 30 shows in the three-day fair. All this, with a renewed image and design, with more effective organization and structure.

With these numbers, there is no doubt that Düsseldorf is still the German city with the highest volume of sales.

See you soon!

José Suárez



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