15 November 2011

"2011 HighLights"

First Delivery

Hello Friends!
Let me start with a short but interesting review, to what happened this year in the world of fashion in Europe.
This "highlights" of 2011, will take place in various blog entries

The year opens with a new Autumn / Winter. Season off with a certain fear in the air, but with a brilliance and strength at its base by the good work of many professionals in the sector.

On the one hand, we have manufacturers with a relative uncertainty in the acceptance and sale of its new collection. As each artist by engendering a new work. This is something familiar and innate in him, but this time, we must add the commercial break because of the crisis.

On the other hand, we have fair organizers worried by the declining affluence of buyers to their events at the last seasons, offering new concepts for visitors and more services for the exhibits brands.

And finally we have the buyers. Some of them, advised by the situation, convey caution in their orders. Others instead, loyalty to the good firms and the favorites fairs.

In future entries, I will discuss each of these factors. Also, visit some exhibitions and study their figures.


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